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DevOps & SRE benefits for your SaaS

For any SaaS (Software as a Service), staying competitive requires a great deal of effort, wherein technologies play a crucial part. While software development is your core competence, other activities, such as DevOps & SRE (Site Reliability Engineering), always go hand in hand with it. Though critical to keeping the service running, they do not fall within your core expertise. Therefore it is reasonable to outsource them. Indeed, we’ve seen various companies from the SaaS industry coming to Palark for that.

What SAAS gets with DevOps & SRE

Cloud & server infrastructure for the  reliable running of your applications

Observability and 24/7 prompt reaction to  incidents

Performance troubleshooting and  optimisation

Application containerisation and  Kubernetisation

Applications’ scalability and high availability

CI/CD pipelines to deliver new software releases efficiently

And much more!

Years of experience providing DevOps & SRE outsourcing services to SaaS businesses have shed light on the typical issues they face.

Here are the Top 3 common challenges we helped SaaS companies to overcome, turning them into benefits with our DevOps as a  Service.


Overall performance level or specific bottlenecks result in an unsatisfactory user experience or partial service outages.

We identify the reasons behind this poor performance, provide comprehensive databases optimisation, leverage caches and queues, configure the application backend & workers limits, and introduce extensive health checks with auto-healing features.


TTM is an essential business metric which becomes more crucial the more intense the market competition is. TTM for software depends heavily on  your development process and its technical implementation.

We’ve put into practice a fully automated and efficient CI/CD workflow entailing quick delivery of new releases to production in Kubernetes and auto-created dynamic environments for testing new software features immediately. We also consult your developers on any related issues.


If your software and infrastructure aren’t ready for  continuous growth and seasonal traffic peaks, users will face service operation degradation or even universal downtime.

We assist with cloud-native software architecture; design, deploy, and maintain scalable, highly available Kubernetes-based infrastructure to run it in; and ensure all required observability is in place to prevent any issues.

Case study: Adapty

Adapty is an all-in-one service for in-app subscriptions. They turned to Palark for DevOps outsourcing when cloud costs became prohibitive following their service’s rapid growth.

Our SRE engineers solved the problem by rethinking the  infrastructure architecture and migrating it to Kubernetes without causing any downtime. This allowed the SaaS business to thrive, serving more end users and providing them with even more essential features than before.

Read the full article and watch the video to learn more about this SaaS success story!

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