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DevOps services
powered by Kubernetes


DevOps Services
powered by Kubernetes


Save time, money and focus on building better software by letting us take care of the infrastructure, operations, and CI/CD. As DevOps and SRE experts, we provide a tailored Kubernetes platform, fully managed services, 24/7 support, and guaranteed SLAs.

We have operated open-source software in business-critical systems for many years, in doing so, we are constantly reconsidering and improving all the technologies involved as well as the way we apply them to achieve optimum results for our customers.

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End-to-end service

From architectural design to DevSecOps, we have the  know-how you need. We take a hands-on approach, with services ranging from  consulting and implementation through to migration and even fully customised Kubernetes-based platform development.

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DevOps and SRE specialists

We are experts in our field, providing both market-leading technologies and a tight collaboration between developers and operations teams. Our  team has been working in the industry since 2008 and we’ve contributed to several game-changing technologies, including Kubernetes.

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Well-established workflow

We are transparent, from flat monthly fees to project plans in the form of actionable kanban boards that will show all our activities with their duration. Our team ensures that there is no confusion about what and when needs to  be done. Of course, if anything changes or needs clarification, we are available on  Slack.

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Our team’s current experience

Years of delivering SRE/DevOps services


Maintenance with guaranteed SLA


Satisfied clients


Applications running in production


… These steps, being promptly implemented and maintained with 24/7 support, resulted in a better time-to-market for our product and brought its reliability to the next level. Developers could now focus on their main tasks getting all Kubernetes-and operations-related consultations when needed.

Mikhail Lindblad, CTO, Complai AS

With Palark’s help, we managed to significantly accelerate our development process, rendering it more convenient and consistent. As a result, we are able to deliver new features faster and have no trouble meeting and even exceeding our customers’ expectations. This has helped us strengthen our market positions. We’ve also gained more control over the way we use computing resources and spend money on them.

Dimitry Istomin, Founder & CEO, Examus

With Palark, we gained a reliable technology partner with experience building advanced, fault-tolerant infrastructure and providing 24/7 support for our services. It helps our tech team to tackle high load and accelerate our time-to-market while . The tools, processes, and best practices we obtained from Palark helped us succeed in our specific market niche.

Luke Mahoney, CEO and Co-founder, G-Plans

We’ve spent many hours together in online meetings, debugging and troubleshooting to achieve the desired result. Now the delivery time to production for business-critical changes has been significantly shortened. We’ve also received full monitoring of our infrastructure and all stages of delivery. This allows us to respond proactively to problems as they arise. Palark team helped us . We’ve evolved together to manage an advanced CI/CD and IaS-as-a-code ecosystem.

Stelios Thrasyvoulou, CTO, FXPrimus
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